The story of linen

Do you wonder how we can inspire each other? We show how in our linen story. This story tells about the experience of comfort, the magic of progressive solutions and the power of a close and genuine partnership.

Discover the assurance of sustainable innovations, cost-saving concepts and above all: a reliable partner.


Discover the comfort of Blycolin:

the assurance of enjoyment

Optimal linen comfort: from promise to experience

It is a cliché, but aren’t all clichés true: in hospitality it is all about the details. Your linens are just such a detail: an outstanding feature that allows you to provide your guests with the ultimate hospitality experience. For this story is all about experience … This is the remarkable journey of linen wear. That journey starts at Blycolin, with a linen collection that is specially designed for you and the assurances of the best possible linen management.


Create your own custom-made linen story together with our regional managers.

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The comfort of our assurances
the ultimate linen experience

Blycolin 5 zekerheden zorgeloos linnenbeheer

1. Carefree linen management

Secretly, complete linen management makes rather high demands on your organization. As specialists, we completely remove your burden. From investment and customized product range to laundering and inventory: you can rest assured that it is all taken care of in the best possible way. We call that complete linen management. Both you and your guests reap the benefits.

Blycolin 5 zekerheden professionele bewassing

2. Professional laundering

No wash drums, but high quality tunnels. No irons, but state of the art wringers. In short, laundering at the highest level … An industrial laundry is completely specialized and continually invests in sophisticated washing processes. You will notice better results at lower costs.

Blycolin 5 zekerheden hoge kwaliteit linnen

3. High linen quality

Bed linen, tablecloths and bath linen contribute greatly to the experience of your guests. We know that like no other and have known for over forty years. Therefore, we only work with linen of optimum sensory quality which is also durable, without compromising on its appearance. Every single detail is important!

Blycolin 5 zekerheden slimme logistiek

4. Smart logistics

How much storage space do we need? When exactly should it be delivered? And how do we regulate the internal logistics? These are all questions that you do not need to ask yourself  any more. We are here to solve that puzzle for you. This ensures a smooth process and provides peace of mind within your organization.


Blycolin 5 zekerheden geen investeringsrisico

5. No investment risks

We need not calculate the costs of your bed linen and towels for you. These put pressure on your liquidity and also constitute a necessary investment risk. We relieve you from these investment costs, so you can spread the costs more evenly and carry significantly less risk. Things run far more smoothly.

Blycolin 5 zekerheden hoge kwaliteit linnen

6. Sustainability

Honest linen products, innovative solutions and friendly processes. With sustainable products and sustainable cooperation, we make the difference. Linen service takes a great toll on the environment. That is why, together with our partners, we continuously strive for innovative solutions, honest linen products and friendly processes. Sustainability to us is no longer an option, it is interwoven in our entire chain. We’d like to give advice on sustainability in your company.

Feel and enjoy

Below you can find a selection from our extensive collection of bed sheets, covers, bath linen, napkins, tablecloths and bathrobes. Our collection consists of high quality products that maintain their excellence even under the most extreme conditions.

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Blycolin katoen bol

Discover innovative solutions

with focus on sustainability

Innovative and sustainable:
the magic of advanced solutions

Surprises play an important role in hospitality. The same applies to our story. With innovative solutions we provide special twists and turns that will surprise you and your guests. Moreover, we invariably look ahead. Because sustainability is the best policy. Innovative solutions, green ideas and lasting cooperation make a difference.


Create your own custom-made linen story together with our regional managers.

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Green ideas
Discover our CSR policy…

CSR for us is a ‘living’ process, that always leads to new insights and solutions. Because sustainability is in our DNA, we are constantly working on green innovations. And ideally, we do that with you. We gladly include your green ideas in our efforts to combine growth with a sustainable way of working.

Sustainable linen in
the Pure Eco Collection

These bed sheets, covers and towels are produced with soft 100% biological cotton with two labels: GOTS is the worldwide standard, that ensures environmentally-friendly resources are used and the proper procedures are followed. Fairtrade indicates that the farmers involved receive an honest price and that child labor is banned. Now, there also are Pure Eco duvet covers and pillow covers available with recycled PET fillin.

Please see them in our purchase collection

The Chetna project: love for resources

A significant part of the Pure Eco collection is made of cotton that is refurbished in the Chetna Organic & Fairtrade Project.

Chetna works with small farmers. The aim: sustainable agriculture and improved living conditions, so that farmers can completely provide for their own livelihood.

  Check out our fair trade story

We are…
Made Blue

Blycolin is a partner of Made Blue. Under the motto “A liter for a liter” we mirror the water use in our laundry.

This means that we provide for as much clean drinking water for developing countries as we consume on our laundries.


A close and genuine partner:

we are interwoven with your organization

Alone you will go faster, together you will go further

Close and genuine cooperation forms the basis of every success. With an eye out for each other and for the environment, we are capable of great achievements. Together we provide a complete linen service that meets all your needs, and those of your guests. Smarter, faster, better: that is how we apply our forty plus years of knowledge, experience and services, at home and abroad. So you can focus on your business without any hassle. The special journey for linen never really ends. Because if you stick together, there are always new ways to improve.


Create your own custom-made linen story with help from our regional managers.

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regiomanager Desiree Horsten

Regional managers are ready to relieve you of your burdens and advise you! Wondering how this is done?

In this video, we follow regional manager, Desiree Horsten.


Working together on your linen story

Working together on
your linen story

Every story is unique, especially your own! Together with you, we create your custom-made linen story. Your success is our success.

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